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Recently Added

Screen Terminal Emulator

By Greg Rowe on July 30, 2018

Over the years I’ve spent thousands of hours working with devices connected via serial ports. Only recently did I learn that the wonderful GNU screen can be used as a terminal emulator. screen has long been popular in the world of systems administration but rarely do have I seen it used in the context of software development. Overview In the Windows world, years ago, TeraTerm was a popular choice among knowledgeable developers.

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AE JSON - JSON with Flare

on July 17, 2018

JSON is simple. It’s easy to read and easy to parse. It’s hierarchical. It has arrays, strings, objects, and more. It would be nice for configuration files but the official spec is lacking a few critical features. JSON doesn’t have comments. It doesn’t have a ‘heredoc’ syntax. You can’t do basic arithmetic either. I had some time on my hands and thus libaejson was born to add the features I wanted.

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Find Alias

on September 13, 2017

How many times have you executed find only to see copious error messages that drown out the meaningful output? Sure, you could redirect stderr to /dev/null but then you might miss an actual error. There is a solution. By adding an alias to your .bashrc you can filter out errors for non-readable files. f() { local start="$1" shift find $start ! -readable -prune -o $* -print } In English this alias uses the first argument as the search directory.

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Git Cheat Sheet

on July 18, 2017

Git is a wonderful tool but it isn’t always user friendly nor obvious. For certain tasks, like deleting a remote tag, I find myself turning to Google. It’s not obvious how to delete a remote tag and it’s not easy to remember either. Deleting remote tags is also something that isn’t done frequently. Instead of using Google every time this situation arises I added a “cheat” alias. Before you point out that I could create an alias with an easy to remember name that’s not necessarily true.

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